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Yo, ten past six gone by, chillin’ with the homeboy and
We barely gettin’ high
‘bout to get ready for a kickback, sit and chit-chat
Just to try to hit that, cause some impact
Seven forty-five, chillin’ drivin’ by, enter in the drive-thru
Look where it got at my view, one crazy lady lookin’ hella bomb
Ma homie screams out “Yo, where you headed, ma?”
No reply,get before we dip
Eight thirty, smokin’ a few bowls outside of the crib
Head inside, whether you know, we see that chick
Actin’ like I didn’t notice, sat down to smoke ma spliff
It’s nine fifteen and I started drinking, had to take a
Piss, that’s all that I was thinking, wasn’t even looking
At who was appeasing, open the bathroom door and
See a bitch fucking Infameezy
So, I close it, walk away and I heard her say “who say I
Heard it that way, headed towards the backgate
Acent so familiar but yo’ is a no-names” quickly went
Outside cold as fuck, this is insane, no lights outside
But she wasn’t tryna hide, scoped her out real quick
Approached and said Hi, she kinda smiled, so we
Proceeded to chill, I guess she felt the moment cause
She began to feel my face with her thumb, so I took it
To the hill, no dud to fuck but she got a little unreal
Touchin’ ma stomach went to touchin’ ma dick, feelin’
Aroused off her tits, I went for her clit but my hand
Bumped her arm, not too far, right above my pocket
And she touched a homie’s scar, which is my
Switchblade and she asked “What is this?”, I said I just
Keep it for safety preferences
It’s ten fifty-five o’clock, it got a bit awkward after that
Interuption drop her eyes watery, don’t know if she’s
Been smokin’, shit load of confusion, but it was all so
Provoking, she broke the silence and asked about
Scars, gently grabbed it, open it and felt it’s ark, look
Me in the eyes and sincerely asked me “Why do you
Carry a knife, do you seek to cause pain?”, I said
“That’s not a feeling that I like to obtain, but if it
Happens it happens, it’s all a big game” She sorta
Stayed in silence, all that was heard from miles away
Were just some coldly sirens, she started to run my
Shank gently up her arm, didn’t mind, didn’t look like
Any potential harm, eleven thirty-six and I think it’s
Time for me to bounce, asked for my knife, now you
Feel aroused, grabbed me started kissing me on the
Neck, it was all good until I started feelin’ somethin’ wet
Look down for ma surprise, couldn’t believe ma eyes
This bitch was kissing me while committing suicide
Stuck in shock, I hear her say “This is what you do
When all you do is play games, never took shit serious
With either one of us, from ashes to ashes and dust
To dust”

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